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A Podcast for Swingers,

By Swingers

Pet Peeves Part Deux

After an amazing trip to Naughty in Nawlin’s (for Doug and Lucy), the boys are reunited to record a new episode!  The boys discuss a bit about the incredible trip to New Orleans and some of the gorgeous folks that Doug had the pleasure of meeting (torturing Dennis for missing the trip is just too much fun)…. They also promise a more extensive review in the next podcast with a very special guest appearance. 

Then they move onto today’s subject at hand.  By this time everyone knows how much the boys love the lifestyle, that’s no secret.   However, as with all good things, there are always those aspects that just get on all of our nerves.  The preverbal “fly in our soup”.  Well, that is why they have a podcast… so that the boys can share their frustrations with you while making your side ache from laughing along so hard.  You are welcome.   

The first pet peeves episode received such great feedback, that the boys felt it was time to dig deep and bitch about those things in the lifestyle that they would like to avoid or change.  While they do address some serious issues that need to be raised, you better strap yourself for this ride on the carousel because the boys are about to take you on a wild and hilarious ride!  Enjoy your spin on the carousel!!!

A Podcast for Swingers,

by Swingers