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Pet Peeves Part Deux

After an amazing trip to Naughty in Nawlin’s (for Doug and Lucy), the boys are reunited to record a new episode!  The boys discuss a bit about the incredible trip to New Orleans and some of the gorgeous folks that Doug had the pleasure of meeting (torturing Dennis for missing the trip is just too much fun)…. They also promise a more extensive review in the next podcast with a very special guest appearance. 

Then they move onto today’s subject at hand.  By this time everyone knows how much the boys love the lifestyle, that’s no secret.   However, as with all good things, there are always those aspects that just get on all of our nerves.  The preverbal “fly in our soup”.  Well, that is why they have a podcast… so that the boys can share their frustrations with you while making your side ache from laughing along so hard.  You are welcome.   

The first pet peeves episode received such great feedback, that the boys felt it was time to dig deep and bitch about those things in the lifestyle that they would like to avoid or change.  While they do address some serious issues that need to be raised, you better strap yourself for this ride on the carousel because the boys are about to take you on a wild and hilarious ride!  Enjoy your spin on the carousel!!!

Emptying our Inbox - Listener emails

Doug and Dennis cover a myriad of topics while answering listener emails ranging from the boy's thoughts on mixed events (vanilla's and swingers) to advice on how to meet new folks in the lifestyle.  Enjoy the banter between the boys and hopefully you'll catch a tidbit that will help you enjoy the lifestyle that much more.  Enjoy your spin on the carousel.  

BONUS: An exciting announcement about an upcoming live event.  Stay tuned after the show for details!  Hint: Bourbon Street will never be the same!

So, You Want to Host a House Party?!?

If you are thinking about hosting a house party, then you probably have a ton of questions.   Well, so does Dennis!   Fortunately...Doug has answers!    Doug and his amazing wife Lucy have hosted many successful house parties and he is here to share all he knows with our listeners.   If you want your house party to be the best experience for you and your guests, before you send out the first invite, you must listen to this podcast!   Doug and Dennis will help you understand how to plan, who to invite, what you need and how to prepare for your epic event.   Enjoy your ride on the Carousel!

BONUS SHOW - The boys are BACK!!! ...but where have they been?

"Don't call it a comeback"  But, the boys are finally back!!!  We, here at the show, have been inundated with email and Twitter messages wondering what happened to Doug & Dennis.  Our fans have noticed that it has been a while since a new podcast was posted and they wanted to know what was up... Well, the boys decided it was time to record a podcast to let everyone know what they were up to.... it certainly was NOT a break.  Listen along to find out what shenanigans your favorite podcast duo have been up to as only they can!!! 

Can Swinging Benefit You?

The boys are back and in this episode they discuss all the advantages of the swinging lifestyle.  While some benefits may seem obvious, it turns out Doug and Dennis have discovered many other positive side effects!  Listen in as the boys discuss the positive impacts of the swinger lifestyle.

Listener Emails

Doug & Dennis have been receiving many emails from their devoted listeners and have decided to spend this episode tackling those tough questions.   Listen along to learn about what other swingers are talking about.   If you have questions you would like answered (on a future podcast or privately), please email Doug & Dennis at  Enjoy your ride on The Carousel!

Eager Beaver and the Pesky Penis - Avoiding Rookie Mistakes

If you are new to the lifestyle, this is the podcast episode you have been searching for!  If you have been in the lifestyle for a while, this is the podcast that you wish you heard when you first started; but its never too late.   Doug and Dennis identify common rookie mistakes and encourage rookies to make a welcomed entrance into the lifestyle.   First impressions in the lifestyle are often lasting and you only get one chance... Don't screw it up!

Lifestyle Pet Peeves

The boys have spoken about how awesome the lifestyle can be and the amazing experiences that one can have within the lifestyle.  However, as with anything, there are always things that can get on our nerves.   In true "Doug and Dennis" fashion, the boys take their shots at all the things that are eating away at them.... Listen and laugh along as the boys dissect their personal Pet Peeves and work to make the lifestyle more enjoyable for all!  It feels good to get this off of their chests!

Failure to Launch

Well, this is it... It's the huge elephant in the room that no one is wanting to speak about.... Everyone, that is, except Doug and Dennis.  The boys are not afraid to tackle the really tough and uncomfortable subjects, and this is definitely on the top of that list. What do you do when you or your partner, just can't get it up. We call it a failure to launch!   Sit back, grab your favorite adult beverage (this could get awkward), and enjoy the show!!!  Please leave comments, or send us emails and let us know what you think!

Safety First

The boys are back.... and they have your back!  In Doug and Dennis' unique style, they explore the lifestyle and offer advice on how to ensure that you always maintain your safety and that you "live on" to party another day.  So climb on the swinger carousel, and enjoy the ride!

Hotel Parties

Join Doug & Dennis on a journey around the swinger carousel to a destination of Hotel Parties.  Laugh along as the boys shred common misconceptions and give valuable tips about how to make the most out of your hotel party experiences.

A Podcast for Swingers,

by Swingers