The Swinger Carousel

Hosted by Doug and Dennis

A Podcast for Swingers,

By Swingers

By day, Doug and Dennis are your basic all-American guys. They have careers, families and are involved in their local community. Doug and Dennis could be your neighbors. They could be your co-workers, your customers or even sitting beside you in church.

At night, Doug and Dennis are involved in the swinging lifestyle with their spouses. With over 8 combined years as swingers, Doug and Dennis bring a unique outlook to "The Lifestyle". They have seen other people make mistakes, and have made their own fair share of mistakes as well.

The purpose of their podcast is to let the listener in on what happens in the lifestyle through Doug and Dennis' unique storytelling and humor.

If you are new to swinging, this podcast will give you insight to whether the lifestyle is right for you. If you are a currently active in the swinging community, you can learn from their mistakes and maybe answer questions that you have been to afraid to ask.  All while laughing along with the boys!

We would really love to hear from you!!! Please contact us through our website or email us direct at to interact with us directly.   Thank you for stopping by, and we hope to see you again soon!

Doug and Dennis

A Podcast for Swingers,

by Swingers